Sunday Blessings 51

(1) A great YouthWorkers meeting. So great to catch up with that group of people!

(2) Spending time with the best friends in the world. Spending time with these ladies is good for the soul.

(3) Being sneaky and buying my friend CT’s bday present while she was in the store with her.

(4) Getting such a fun bday gift from my friend CT.

(5) A surprise letter from a dear Diaconal friend. Such an incredible lady!

(6) Getting back into Zumba again. Such a fantastic workout.

(7) The return of my fave tv shows!!

(8) Real mail from my friend SKDO. So good to hear from her!

(9) Garlic chicken ranch pizza from Pinterest. Yummy!!!!

(10) Texting with my friend MW

(11) MSU Homecoming Parade and Fall Block Party fun with my sis!

(12) Making crowns with the little ones for our Family SS lesson. So much fun blinging out our crowns.

(13) The older kids making hearts. On one side listing ways that please God and on the other side, ways that displease God. Spontaneously decorating their hearts with the jewels as well.

(14) One of my fave little girls plopping down into my lap this summer.

(15) Her sister (also one of my faves) making sure I got my Sunday morning hug and asking to sit right next to me during our lesson.

(16) Applebee’s Oreo Cookie Shake, Thai Shrimp Salad and French Onion Soup. Awesome!!!

(17) A fun housewarming at TM and CS’s. So much fun!!!

(18) Getting to do one of my fave things; reading story books to kiddos.

So many blessings and so thankful for such great friends and family. However tonight I’m thinking of a seminary friend/classmate and her family. She was diagnosed with cancer and it is moving quickly. Please pray for Karen C and he’d family!

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