Sunday Blessings #47

(1) A text from my friend SM showing me a pic of sweet little LAM in one of the outfits I got her!

(2) The Daytime Emmy Awards

(3) A comment on my FB status from a parishioner saying how I was so spot on and thanking God for sending me to First AND thanking me for just being me!!

(4) LCM Soup day at MSU

(5) A random brand new tape dispenser left in my office. Wonder who left that surprise for me? 😉

(6) The book “Sabbath” by Wayne Mueller. I recommend this book! So good and such a great reminder for us.

(7) A small WTS alumni gathering

(8) Finding out my fave resource for children’s sermons is going to start sharing Narrative Lectionary ideas as well as RCL

(9) A great PD coach check-in meeting

(10) Talking to JH on the phone about PD stuff

(11) Fun mail from my aunt and uncle in my mailbox; an early bday gift: A Starbucks gift card, A Norsk Hostfest ticket (so I can go with Gma, Gpa and N when they come!) and a pretty cross scarf slide.

(12) A text from EG

(13) KG asking my thoughts on this weeks preaching text

(14) Getting my lawn mowed and treating myself to a DQ Mint chip shake. (Chocolate and mint are my two absolute faves)

(15) Sis keeping me updated on the Husker score since Dad has the channel and she can watch the game. (I don’t get that channel)

(16) Talking to momma on the phone

(17) A wonderful PLN (post-liturgical) nap

(18) German chocolate cake

(19) Tackling Mt. Laundry

(20) Thankful for so much

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