Sunday Blessings 46

(1) Great first day back to work; a very productive day–got lots done

(2) The best prayer partners in the world! (Love you CT, KG, EG and KW!)

(3) EG stopping to check on mom for me

(4) Finding a really cool prayer app for my phone.

(5) Chatting with CT on the phone

(6) Talking to my momma on the phone and hearing how good she sounds

(7) Getting comments on my latest blog post. It was truly a post that came from the heart and it is always fun to read what others think of it. Thanks to those who stopped by!

(8) Texting with my good friend MW

(9) An awesome Pinterest recipe; vegetable egg roll in a bowl. So yummy! Easy recipe and healthy too!

(10) Project Runway! I love this show and I completely forgot it was back on. So much fun to watch and get back into.

(11) Haircut and wax day! It was so needed!

(12) Hanging out with my sissy even though it was an ΓΌber rainy weekend.

(13) Being nominated by a friend for the ALS ice bucket challenge.

(14) Two movies with my sis: “When The Game Stands Tall” and “If I Stay.”

(15) A new umbrella for the crazy rainy weekend

(16) Lots of compliments on today’s sermon–totally humbled and it was totally the gift of the Holy Spirit that helped me write it.

(17) A hug from one of my fave kiddos

(18) Talking to Dad on the phone

(19) Real mail—a postcard from my dear friend HSG

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