Sunday Blessings 45

(1) A week of vacation

(2) Starbucks Refreshers. They are my new fave summer drink on a hot day!! Flavors: Orange Valencia, Very Berry Hibiscus and Cool Lime!

(3) A great night visiting Mom and seeing how well she is doing.

(4) An afternoon cocktail with my dear friend EG

(5) FaceTiming with my good friend MW and (finally) watching Catching Fire together via Skype

(6) Hearing how excited my sister is starting to get about another school year

(7) CT and RT are the best!! (That’s all) Thanks for the place of respite this week, my friends. Also thanks for the wine, pizza, etc!

(8) Sitting outside on this gorgeous August day, reading on my Kindle and enjoying the beautiful sunlight

(9) A sweet note left for me by my friends

(10) Dinner and good conversation with my friend KG

(11) Good news-Mom is doing well and gets to go home!

(12) Talking to my dear friend MW on the phone a couple of times this week

(13) Enjoying a beautiful campfire that my friends set up for me. All I had to do was light it.

(14) FaceTiming and watching “Planes” with my good friend MW

(15) A McDs caramel Sundae

(16) Sunny, Lucy, Lady and Diesel–my friend’s pets

(17) A homemade pizza

(18) A call from my momma

(19) An invitation to stay for supper

(20) Hearing all about their trip and showing me their souvenirs from my friend’s girls

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