Sunday Blessings 44

(1) PK asking me to read the Scripture at one of our parishioners funeral today

(2) A sweet compliment from a youth saying that I’m awesome and “real!” Makes me feel good!

(3) Lunch with my favorites KG and her little mini-me, EG and CT! So thankful and blessed to have these ladies in my life.

(4) Wonderful care for Mom

(5) My friend EG who stayed with me during a hard time AND brought me a hot fudge sundae to brighten my night!

(6) Family VBS at FLC! So thankful to have an extra set of hands to help me out with the little ones tonight!

(7) The joy I get hanging out with our FLC kiddos!! They always seem to know when I need a hug etc!

(8) Being asked to pet and house sit for some friends. Having their daughter want to show me her new room when I got to their house!

(9) Friends who I can always count on and would do anything for me if they could!! Love you all!!!!!

(10) An out-of-the-blue text from a friend asking if there was any special way she could pray for me today (and there was!)

(11) A colleague/friend at work has been calling me “Smiley!” There were only two people in the entire world who I would let call me that! And one of them has passed on since college. I never thought I’d let anyone else besides those two call me “smiley” but now I guess I’ve changed my mind!!

(12) A fun Totally 80s party welcoming our new pastor and her family

(13) A nice night winding down with some great ladies at the wine bar

(14) Great FLC Bible Study at Trinity Nursing home

(15) Curled up on the couch with a dog as I am pet sitting this weekend! So fun! Beautiful day for a walk as well!

(16) Getting to visit with my momma and see how she is doing

(17) Coffee with one of my “besties”. Thanks CT!!

(18) The smile on CT’s daughters face when I told her I would come back this afternoon for her kid bday party.

(19) A great group getting PB and her family moved in

(20) A note in the fridge next to a bottle of chocolate wine that says “Drink me” at my friends house who I am house/dog sitting for!

(21) A great afternoon with my friend CT at her daughters kid birthday party!

(22) Beautiful days to take some pups for walks.

(23) Not sure if I can believe it! But the other day the scale said 209.5 and today it was 207. Could walking dogs, helping move etc cause me to shed those pounds this week?

(24) Joy in CT’s daughters faces when I stopped by for a little bit this afternoon

(25) So apparently today is National Lazy day which is good cuz I’ve been kind of lazy today. Even got a post-liturgical nap in!!

(26) Fresh cucumber and green beans from my friends garden as well as cherry tomatoes from her moms garden! I love this time of the year—fresh produce from the garden.

(27) Getting to talk to one of my best guy friends on the phone. Thanks MW!!

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