Sunday Blessings 42

(1) My sissy picking me up at church so I didn’t have to walk home in the rain storm.

(2) Baby LAM getting to come home!!!!

(3) DQ with my sister

(4) Finally touching base with a dear camp friend

(5) Running into CT and her family at the state fair. Love her and her family!

(6) Running into KR and having her say that we need to have a girls night with CT

(7) Watching the Enduro races with my sister

(8) Running into RE at the fair

(9) My sister bringing me a lawn mower from my auntie and uncle. Yay now I have my own lawn mower!

(10) Having a colleague from my NWMN days call me to ask my thoughts on Christian Education. Very sweet of him to call me because he thinks I’m an expert! (I don’t claim to be an expert but it sure is nice!)

(11) A great day at the fair with mom and Ann. A caricature; watching Darryl’s racing pigs, and so much more.

(12) Time walking around the fair with EG and Ann

(13) Running into CT and RT before the Florida Georgia Line concert

(14) So much fun with Ann at the FGL concert! Such a blast!!!

(15) A Starbucks Very Lime Refresher

(16) Finally watching Heaven is for Real with my sister

(17) Working the FLC fairstand with my sister and spending more time at the fair! A Tigerlily concert

(18) BRAD PAISLEY concert with my sis and getting to sit with CT and RT!

(19) Perkins lunch with my sis before she headed home.

(20) Simply getting to worship this am since we had a missionary visiting! I don’t often get to just worship so that was a treat!!

(21) Running into several camp friends at the fair. I haven’t seen so many of them in forever!!!

(22) A wonderful post-liturgical nap

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