Sunday Blessings 40

(1) A member dropping off a rose from her daughters wedding this past weekend. So nice of her to share with me.

(2) Being asked to go to a play with a friend

(3) Having a good time with that friend

(4) A day of high ropes and boating with some of our FLC youth. It was such a fun day!!

(5) Coffee and conversation with one of my fave people in the world!! Thanks CT!

(6) Getting a phone call from my friend EG. So fun to talk to her!

(7) Finally getting my lawn mowed again. It needed it so badly!!

(8) Getting the HUGEST hug from one of my fave little girls cuz she missed me while I was gone.

(9) A parishioner telling me I looked beautiful today! 🙂 I was wearing the green dress I wore for Zach and Alexis’s wedding last August!

(10) Another parishioner telling me that I enjoy and love everything I do which he thinks is awesome

(11) Finally getting Mt. Laundry tacked!!!

(12) An awesome Sunday lunch; steak and corn on the cob!

(13) A relaxing Sunday

This weeks list is much shorter than the last several weeks. But it is still important for me to list my blessings! Enjoy this weeks list!

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