Sunday Blessings 36

(1) Having a great meeting with a friend. Thanks ST!!

(2) Finding out a couple (some of my fave people) I married last summer are having a baby boy.

(3) An awesome coffee cake for staff meeting

(4) Finding out a card I sent a friend brightened her day!!

(5) A sweet hug from a dear parishioner

(6) Being invited to have some apple crisp with one of the ladies circles this afternoon

(7) Planking with some ladies at Curves for 45 seconds

(8) A $1 lunch as customer appreciation at a local store. A hamburger, chips, ice cream and soda or water for a dollar! Can’t beat that!!!

(9) Lunch with a dear friend at one of my fave places!! Thanks EG!

(10) Girl time with two of my faves!!! Thanks EG and CT!! (EG, twice in one day)

(11) Awesome sour cream chicken enchiladas that I made off of a Pinterest recipe

(12) A wonderful Post-Liturgical nap

(13) A great morning of worship at FLC; voting to extend a call to an associate pastor

(14) Talking to my Daddy on the phone and wishing him a Happy Fathers Day

(15) And so much more!

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