Sunday Blessings 34

A couple weeks worth of Sunday Blessings….

(1) Spending time with great friends as we helped one of them pack

(2) A friend sharing watermelon with me

(3) Joining my first (In) Couragers group after some prodding from a friend. Thanks STM!

(4) Having one of my blog posts linked to on the RevGalBlogPals Wednesday festival.

(5) Making an awesome supper; chicken, asparagus, radishes! Yum!!!

(6) A beautiful 70 degree day

(7) Getting to play with a 15 month old. So much fun!!!

(8) Borrowing the church’s lawn mower (with permission) and getting my lawn mowed. It needed it!!

(9) A haircut, a Target Cafe watermelon Icee and a soft pretzel! Perfect on this hot day!!

(10) Sitting on my deck, reading on my Kindle and soaking in the beautiful sun’s rays!!

(11) Making and enjoying some sun tea

(12) Chatting with one of my neighbors and meeting her son and daughter who were getting ready to Slip N Slide.

(13) A summer like day—80 plus degree weather. Haven’t seen that for quite awhile

(14) Getting real mail from one of my fave people! 🙂

(15) Making it over to a friends church for his goodbye reception

(16) Getting to participate with Pastor during a Baptism! Loved getting to bless her sweet little

(17) Talking to my momma on the phone; a Sunday tradition. She usually always calls on Sundays!!

(18) Helping a friend pack. Something so life-giving about helping out others! Good for my soul!!

(19) Having MJ make us pancakes with lingonberries! So scrumptious!!

(20) Being asked by a friend to help her out with some seminary work this summer

(21) Two little girls coming to my office to say hello while their mom was in a meeting next door

(22) Reconnecting with dear friends at Western ND synod assembly

(23) Meeting new friends at WND synod assembly

(24) WND Gala—so much fun!!!

(25) Spending time with dear friends

(26) Bishop Mark reelected on first ballot as Bishop of Western ND synod

(27) Awesome night with CT and RT which included a yummy caramel apple martini. Thanks for the fun night friends!

(28) Being told by a friend that she can physically tell that I’ve lost weight.

(29) A friend reminding me of the gifts I possess; saying that she always knew I was a servant leader. You are the embodiment of a servant leader!!

(30) Nice drives to and from Bismarck

(31) Being at the WND assembly which was totally coming home for me! So incredibly blessed to spend time with dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

(32) A wonderful post liturgical nap

(33) Wishing my momma a Happy Birthday; 64 blessed years of life! Love ya mom!

(34) A great morning if worship–thanks to KD for all his work. Even though we had a few little issues, it was a great morning cuz Gods grace is sufficient!

(35) Getting to hold a baby and having some baby time!!

(36) A new season of the Next Food Network Star

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