Sunday Blessings 32

(1) Lunch with a friend; thanks CD!

(2) Watching our Confirmation students going around the neighborhood hanging invites on house doors

(3) Receiving my U-Mary Alumni book in the mail today

(4) A coworker telling me that I am a good pray–er!! That I pray from my heart and soul!!

(5) Assisting Pr Ken with a Baptism. I got to read and ask the part to parents and sponsor, join in the laying on of hands; and blessing the child; marking him with the cross of Christ!! Doesn’t get much better than that!!

(6) Good friends who are determined to help you out! Thanks KD!

(7) Sitting in my office working on stuff, window open and listening to the birds chirping outside

(8) Meeting another neighbor and having a nice conversation

(9) Getting to talk to a friend who recently moved. I was at Tavern Talk and my friend MJ handed the phone to me so I could answer and talk to KW! So good to talk to her!!

(10) FaceTiming with JH

(11) A beautiful day for a drive

(12) Spending time with my momma at the Mothers Day program at the nursing home; piano and violin music, and cheesecake

(13) A great breakfast meeting

(14) A wonderful lunch meeting with the synod Gathering team (4 really great ladies)

(15) A sweet text from a friend

(16) Talking to momma on the phone and wishing her Happy Mothers Day

(17) Watching our HS seniors come up for the children’s time. Totally spontaneous; put a smile on my face!

(18) An invitation and lunch with dear people–so much fun. Cake and visiting afterwards at their house.

(19) Blessing our high school seniors with Pr. K

(20) Finally getting back into reading some books for fun. Current book of choice “The Fault in our Stars” which I am really enjoying!

(21) Catching up with Gma on the phone for an hour. Also getting to say hello to Gpa. Love and miss them!!

(22) Answered prayers of many friends!!! What joy!!!! Thanks be to God!

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