Sunday Blessings #31

(1) Time with friends; helping one of our friends pack–lots of laughter and hugs

(2) That same friends goodbye gathering

(3) Pure joy watching our 7th and 8th Grade Confirmation students leaned in listening to my call story

(4) Talking with one of our Confirmands about the Nebraska CornHuskers

(5) Having two of our SS kids share with me about going to the Circus this morning; telling me all about the lions, elephants, zebras, etc!

(6) Leading one of the FLC circle Bible studies at one of the local nursing homes; such wisdom in these ladies. I even had one invite me to stay for supper but unfortunately I wasn’t able to do that!

(7) Pulling into my driveway and seeing a May Day basket on my porch from the local elementary school. Totally a day brightener!!!

(8) Great caring conversation with a friend at Tavern Talk

(9) Coffee and Conversation with two great ladies at one of our fave coffee shops

(10) A cancellation at the eye clinic so I can get in as early as Monday! Thankful that I will only have to wear my glasses for a few days. Silly me, tore my last contact and I’ve known for months that I was down to my last box!

(11) God’s grace is sufficient!! I took my car to a local car dealership for them to check out some stuff! When I got there, they told me there was no charge! So thankful!!

(12) A gift from a friend after reading one of my latest blog posts (See pic below) Thanks JG!!

(13) Time with my sister; DQ, Orange Julius, Shopping, Sammy’s taco pizza, etc! Love my sis!! Just wish we didn’t always spend so much money when she comes to visit! :p

(14) Seeing the movie Gods Not Dead! Good movie! I still have the Newsboys song stuck in my head!

(15) A blessed Confirmation service with 12 of our youth

(16) A compliment from a parishioner

(17) Snuggling with 4 week old baby girl Lakyn. It’s been so long since I’ve had a baby fix!! I loved every minute of it!

(18) YOU!!!

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