Sunday Blessings 29

(1) Surprising my mom with a friend. We were in town for a meeting! It was so fun to see the look on her face when we stopped at the nursing home where she lives!!!!!!

(2) Great conversation with a good friend

(3) Walking with my friend to pick up her daughter at school and meeting her daughter for the first time.

(4) An Easter card from two of my fave people; Jim and Betty. I miss you guys too!

(5) A hug from a sweet 3rd grader. So glad that the kiddos are starting to show me love as I am new here!

(6) Another Easter card. I feel so loved!!

(7) A homemade Easter card from my momma; it says “No bunny loves you like Jesus!” 🙂

(8) Easter dinner with my colleague and his family and many other wonderful people.

(9) Several sweet compliments on my Easter dress. I was even told I was the cutest Easter bunny ever ! 🙂

(10) Easter treats from dear people

(11) A 70 plus degree day–so wonderful to sit outside and enjoy the day

(12) Several Easter greeting texts from dear friends in my life. I miss you all so dearly!!

(13) Talking to my momma on the phone

(14) Getting a few pics from my aunt showing me the new baby calves

(15) A nice post-liturgical nap or rather a post Holy Week crash :p

(16) My FitBit. I know that may seem strange but it has been fun to compete with my friends. It has helped me try and be more active! I love that it is getting competitive (friendly competition) with my friend Kevin. We keep flipping back and forth between each other !

(17) Watching the kiddos at church looking for and finding eggs during our Easter egg hunt

(18) A young little boy asking me a bunch of questions after my Easter children’s sermon.

(19) Texting with one of my fave people! So blessed by his friendship and to have him in my life!! Incredibly blessed!!!

(20) My momma calling to tell me that the Ten Commandments is on tv! So sweet!!

(21) EASTER JOY!!!!!!!

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!!Alleluia!!!!

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