Sunday Blessings #27

(1) Getting back into a routine at Curves and having the owner compliment me on a good workout

(2) A text message from a member showing me a pic her daughter made from an art project I left in the nursery yesterday. Her daughter wanted me to see so I got a cute pic of her holding her creation.

(3) A fantastic Zumba workout at Curves. It’s been sooo long since I have done Zumba.

(4) Being told that I am a ray of sunshine and a beautiful child of God

(5) Chatting online with a dear friend. So blessed to have this woman in my life.

(6) A nice thank you note from a friend/classmate who told me that I have 2 “moms” that are proud of me

(7) Using FaithTalk cards at Tavern Talk

(8) Awesome small group guides who picked up items for our project. Such a huge help to me. I couldn’t say “thank you” enough! Thanks ladies!

(9) A message thanking me for helping with the DLC directory and that she is sending one to me. I’m excited to see it!

(10) Being complimented on my new jeans

(12) Finally defeating my MN plates and getting my ND plates put on my car.

(13) The many ways my FB friends have entrusted me with their prayer requests

(14) An above 50 degree day. I think Spring might have finally sprung!

(15) Getting waved at during worship by one of my fave little people

(16) A gift from a member

(17) My friends K and D who finally got to bring their boys home from Ethiopia. It has been a long adoption process for them. They finally are all in the States. But one of them N has fallen ill and is in the hospital, so if you could say a prayer for N and his family, that would be greatly appreciated!

(18) Making a cool project for Easter with the Family SS families

(19) Receiving my official name tag

(20) Messaging with a dear college friend and talking about life

(21) YOU!! (Yep you who are reading this, you are a blessing in my life!)

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