Sunday Blessings #26

(1) Awesome conversation with a new friend (Thanks CT)

(2) Receiving a package in the mail. So excited to give this gift to a friend.

(3) Awesome lunch and conversation with a new friend (Thanks KG)

(4) Reconnecting with some friends on FB as they sent me friend requests.

(5) Real “snail” mail

(6) Camp weekend at camp! So much fun to sing camp songs and get ready for camp.

(7) Being told that I have great ideas. Makes a person feel good!

(8) Talking to a little baby after worship and having her smile at me. I love that so much!

(9) So much fun decorating for the FLC kitchen shower

(10) Having my inner camp counselor come out and lead actions during camp Sunday. One of my fave moments was dancing in the aisle with one of our older members.

(11) Thanks to technology; watching a movie with a friend.

(12) Kids often understand Communion better then we give them credit for. We were using stations today to distribute communion since it was camp Sunday. After communion, the elements were sitting on the table. A little boy went up, grabbed a wafer, popped it in his mouth and then proceeded to show his mom what was in his mouth. (Reminds me of the article that was floating around FB about things kids do for communion that we adults could learn from)

(13) A great PLN (Post-liturgical nap)

(14) A text from a friend who I haven’t heard from for awhile

(15) My mom makes me smile! We broadcast our worship on the radio. This afternoon my mom called me and was like it was all guys and lots of music. She thought she had the wrong station but she didn’t it was camp Sunday.

(16) Reminders of awesome friends and seminary memories–taking out a glass which just happens to be my Class of 05 mason jar. I start filling it and then realize the pirate eye patch is still in the glass. Made me smile!!

(17) A beautiful Spring day in the 50s

(18) Camp songs

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