Sunday Blessings #25

(1) Being told by many that my sermon blessed them in many ways

(2) Receiving a sweet invitation

(3) Meeting a colleague for coffee and visiting for almost two hours and scheduling to meet again on Monday

(4) A gorgeous 50 degree Spring day

(5) Getting a text from a dear friend telling me she misses me! Thanks Mel! Miss you too!

(6) A day with Mom and sissy—Applebee’s, errands etc–treasured time together

(7) That my Gpas eye surgery went well

(8) Receiving some of my tax money back—getting a pair of new jeans and a new dress in my fave color

(8) My sister and I belting it out to “Let It Go” in my car today

(9) A sweet comment on my blog from one of the parishioners at my new call. Thanks JG; you totally made my day and made me smile!

(10) A comment from a friend telling me how big of a heart I have and that I am easy to love and that in time that special man will come into my life

(11) A message from a friend who is half way around the world. Always fun to read their blog and hear what they are up too

(12) A new cd—The Rend Collective Experiment featuring the song My Lighthouse–one of my new fave songs—love it!!

(13) An awesome weekend with my sissy

(14) Some of our family SS kids having way too much fun playing with the toy bugs–putting them in my hair, etc!

(15) This new Nativity for my Nativity collection. Thanks Joni!

(16) A surprise text and visit from my best friend. She wasn’t able to stay long but she got to see my cute little abode and we FINALLY exchanged Christmas gifts (See above)!

(17) Frozen! I bought the soundtrack and the DVD this weekend!

(18) Falth, grace and love!!!

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