Sunday Blessings 248

(1) KD bringing me craft supplies and other stuff for church. Also attending a speaker together.

(2) Messaging with ACK and making plans for this weekend.

(3) A fresh Spring rain

(4) Fun April Fool’s joke

(5) Fun new tshirts! I am such a sucker for fun new tshirts!!!

(6) Answered prayers that I have prayed during my Lenten practice for others. I love when I get praise report messages back after praying for my friends.

(7) New Spice and Tease teas!!!

(8) Lunch and catching up with ACK!

(9) Mama Mia with KS

(10) A beautiful PLN

(11) Running into CO and GO at the eye doctor and having My Swirl with them.

(12) GO walking Luna!

(13) Luna loving on ACK

(14) Youth for Christ banquet with JK

(15) A good eye doctor appointment

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