Sunday Blessings 244 and 245

(1) A beautiful surprise gift in the mailbox from SS. I love it! Thanks!

(2) Friends who pray

(3) A little bit warmer weather

(4) V Day card from my sissy

(5) More Girl Scout cookies

(6) Tire repair guys who fix tires when there is a nail in them!

(7) A neighbor shoveling my sidewalk

(8) Lots of silent auction items

(9) KD asking if she can help with the silent auction

(10) Coffee and Conversation

(11) RW stopping by at Coffee and Convo

(12) My sweet sweet Luna kitty! She is also so funny!

(13) Being asked to lead Slate Speak in March

(14) Sausage and Kale Soup from Magnolia Table

(15) Sunshine! It truly does make a difference when it is colder than snot outside!

(16) Kids Baking Championship! It is so fun to watch!

(17) The Oscars

(18) Having so much fun taking pictures at the church lutefisk dinner

(19) A nice PLN (post liturgical nap)

(20) Water

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