Sunday Blessings #24

(1) A hand written note from my momma

(2) Beginning to pray through my FB friend’s list for Lent and having friends tell me that their prayers have already been answered .

(3) A very nice Lenten potluck

(4) This magnificent photo that I took before Lenten worship last night

(5) Bearing gifts to a friend as he was passing through on the train

(6) Feeling incredibly loved because of the small favor I completed. You all sure know how to make a girl feel loved!!!!

(7) My first Shamrock shake of the season

(8)Meeting a colleague and friend for coffee Friday morning ; great conversation with a yummy vanilla latte

(9) Connecting with a new colleague and making a date to meet up next week

(10) Texting with one of my fave people. So blessed to have him in my life.

(11) Picking up some items to put together a little gift for a friend

(12) Watching one of my fave episodes of Full House

(13) Making taco chicken chili and an apricot meatloaf in my crockpot

(14) The Holy Spirit helping me write and give my sermon. I got lots of compliments!

(15) God’s grace—I totally skipped over the readings and went straight into my sermon. I recovered by reading the texts after my sermon.

(16) A beautiful 40 degree March day

(17) And so much more!!

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