Sunday Blessings 236-239

(1) A great Sunday School program!

(2) 90 plus Gingerbread Houses decorated and taken home! 🙂

(3) Fun Christmas surprises. Thanks everyone for the awesome gifts!

(4) Enjoying and cooking in my new kitchen!

(5) Confirmation fun with Christmas trivia with AA and NL.

(6) Getting home safely to Ashley!

(7) BA gifting me with coffee and a coffee gift card for the return home!

(8) Nice weather for Grandpa’s funeral. (Christmas week, it was hard to find blessings in the midst of grief but I did find some!)

(9) Staying at Aunt P and Uncle T’s house!

(10) Lots of compliments on my eulogy for Grandpa. One of the hardest things I have ever done.

(11) Youth Workers Christmas gathering at CT’s house!

(12) A fun new Nativity mug

(13) Hugs from LT

(14) Family traveling to Ashley for the funeral.

(15) KUCHEN!!!

(16) Dad sending a Christmas tin of popcorn home with me.

(17) Snuggles from Luna because she missed me!

(18) KD and RD taking care of Luna while I was gone.

(19) My Slate Speak and Five Minute Friday peeps!

(20) Hanging with KD, DD and RD and friends. Supper at OG and lots of other fun!

(21) A prayer shawl from our churchs prayer shawl ministry.

(22) Ribs from DB

(23) Coffee with KG

(24) Sweet notes from parishioners

(25) Great book study and conversation at JC’s house

(26) Talking to Grandma on the phone

(27) Discern by Doing Group

(28) Sweet parishioners who gifted me a ticket to a local hospice event

(29) Golden Globe Awards

(30) Awesome winter weather..In the 40s

6 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings 236-239

  1. I am glad that you were able to find blessing in the midst of a time of grief. Your warm winter temperatures brought a smile to my face. I live in Florida, So, highs in the 40’s would be considered cold here. -Jolene

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