Sunday Blessings 234 and 235

(1) Fun mail!!

(2) Being told you are an asset. What a gift those words were to me! 🙂

(3) Decorating at church. AM was such a great little helper.

(4) WS and DB working on my kitchen. Cupboards have started going in.

(5) Luna coming home from the vet.

(6) Fun mail! PA sending me beautiful ornaments for my Nativity collection. I was so surprised!

(7) An anonymous person paying for Luna’s spay.

(8) Bohemian Rhapsody with KS

(9) The Lion King dance production with LZ.

(10) Watching KS and QS perform along with many other dancers from FLC!

(11) Free surprise!

(12) Movie Theater popcorn

(13) Chili from WS

(14) AA telling me how much she likes the song Joy to the Lord (read: Joy to the World).

(15) FH telling me all about the big fish he caught yesterday.

(16) EF and BF chatting with me and telling me all about today’s Sunday School lesson.

(17) A new kitchen!!

(18) Cookie baking with LZ

(19) An awesome SS program practice!!

(20) Texting with my faves!

(21) The cookbook Magnolia Table

(22) A great Upper Missouri conference gathering

(23) Kiddos loving looking at pics of Luna

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