Sunday Blessings 227, 228 & 229

Sometimes life gets crazy so here’s three weeks worth!

(1) More rain.

(2) One year at First Lutheran Williston

(3) Fun new LLR!

(4) Giving some of the bulletin boards at church a facelift.

(5) Early Birthday dinner with KD and family.

(6) Time with my sissy

(7) Awesome birthday gathering!!

(8)Almost $300 raised for NAMI

(9) The many birthday greetings!

(10) CS and LS decorating my office for my 40th birthday.

(11) A church member bringing me some soup and bread he made for his wife and girls. So yummy!!

(12) Texting with my fave

(13) Watching Luna play with her new toy.

(14) German chocolate cake

(15) Holding baby Kate

(16) Time with outstanding people…some of my fave people.

(17) All Rev’d Up leading Beer and Hymns

(18) WND Rostered Leaders 5K

(19) Sending an important email

(20) A sweet card from my blog friend MG

(21) Warm quilts on a cool Fall day

(22) Technology so I could attend a friends funeral online.

(23) A fun concert at church

(24) Laughter

(25) A beautiful PLN!!

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