Sunday Blessings 225

(1) Chatting with JN

(2) One of my youth who got confirmed last May walking by my office and peaking in to say hello.

(3) Rain!!

(4) Popcorn and a painted rock from sweet RD!

(5) Extra keys

(6) Picking potatoes with RG

(7) Guns and Hoses Game with RG

(8) Yummy wine to end the night.

(9) Supper and Fun with KD and her family.

(10) Reading and finishing Love without Limits by JB. Thanks for letting me be on your launch team.

(11) Texting with my favorites

(12) Zy waving at me at church.

(13) Chocolate Mint Dilly Bars

(14) Fun cat toys!

(15) An awesome PLN!!


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