Sunday Blessings 223 (Vacation Mode)

(1) NYC trip!

(2) Time with Aunt N and Uncle B

(3) The tour lady on the Big Bus Tour. She was insane!

(4) Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

(5) Getting to catch up and have an adult beverage with MR in NYC.

(6) Sleeping after a very long day of walking.

(7) Good tour guides.

(8) Wicked on Broadway!!

(9) Keith Urban on the Today Show

(10) The Bronx Zoo with sis

(11) Umbrellas!

(12) Good flights home.

(13) KK picking Ann and I up at the airport and taking us to my house.

(14) Playing with Luna

(15) Twinings Lemon and Ginger Tea

(16) A beautiful PLN!!

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