Sunday Blessings 222

(1) Awesome Sunday.

(2) Fun mail from SS

(3) A great mutual ministry committee meeting.

(4) Luna!!!!

(5) Great conversation.

(6) My amazing Twitter family!

(7) Much needed rain!

(8) A guest post submission for the Mudroom picked to be featured there.

(9) Playing with Luna

(10) Summer Nights on Main with sissy

(11) Cole Swindell concert

(12) The joy on KMs face when she saw me.

(13) Seeing lots of FLC Minot peeps

(14) Florida Georgia Line meet and Greet and concert. Thanks EG!

(15) A beautiful PLN!!

(16) Laughter because I was sitting on top of a sprinkler and got pretty wet.

(17) Allowing space for youth to grieve

(18) Sleep!!

(19) Coffee with DA from LSS

(20) UMM VBS Staff

(21) A great VBS program! Such a great week!!

(22) Deja Brew Italian Soda

(23) Another summer Nights with sissy

(24) Fun with Luna!!

(25) Dierks Bentley concert.

(26) Finding out a few of the 2019 concerts for the fair.

(27) Caramel Apple

(28) Snapchatting with RRS

(29) Running into WB at the fair.

(30) My own washer and dryer

(31) KD taking us to the airport

(32) NYC fun!

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