Sunday Blessings 221

(1) An awesome weekend with my sis

(2) Time with momma. It’s been way too long since weve seen her.

(3) Stopping and seeing EG at the farm.

(4) EG sending goodies home with us.

(5) Jer Bears Sno Cones

(6) Swimming at Spring Lake Park

(7) Texting with my faves

(8) Friends who hold each other in our grief.

(9) Adopting Luna the kitty

(10) Rental Car Agencies!!

(11) KD and RD cat sitting

(12) Seeing all my friends and grieving together.

(13) The hugs of so many friends! (You know who you are!)

(14) Stopping at sissys

(15) Summer Nights on Main

(16) Grace!!

(17) Goodies left at my house.

(18) David’s BBQ sunflower seeds

(19) A beautiful PLN!!

(20) Playing with Luna

(21) Fresh veggie stir fry. So yummy!!

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