Sunday Blessings 220 (#elcayg2018 Edition)

(1) Getting to Houston safely!

(2) Awesome Lyft drivers who have karaoke in their car

(3) Getting to hug and see so many of my dear friends!!

(4) A long conversation catching up with GV

(5) IPadel Houston

(6) Kolaches!!!

(7) JL and his crew from Texas gifting us with a Texas themed welcome basket

(8) The lady at IPadel who paid for court time but was giving up her time to teach us all how to play. What a giving heart she has!

(9) Amazing speakers that challenged us and cause me to work towards more inclusion for all God’s beloved in the church.

(10) A Houston Astros game. So much fun!!!

(11) Sunday dinner with CS, TM, EO, and AA.

(12) Awesome co adult leaders! Thanks PNM and JJ!

(13) CM bringing me my backpack when I left it at the synod day hotel!

(14) Our youth helping serve communion and blessing the WND participants! Such a cool moment!

(15) Starbucks Cool Lime Refreshers!

(16) 4th of July with EL and LL and friends! So much fun!

(17) Texting with my favorites!

(18) Support from so many friends!

(19) Water and First Aide stations!!

(20) Air conditioning

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