Sunday Blessings #22

(1) Being reminded how great a friend I’ve been by a dear friend

(2) Watching the movie Miracle about the US hockey team for the first time! What a feel good movie!!

(3) Meeting new colleagues

(4) More than one day with above zero temperatures

(5) Getting a phone call from a dear Diaconal friend who wanted my opinion on something.

(6) Another great 3rd Grade Bible milestone class

(7) Being asked to lead a women’s Bible study

(8) A comment from a friend saying that she loves and misses me too!!

(9) A lazy day off; sometimes that is what’s in order!

(10) Edys Slow Churned Peppermint Chip ice cream

(11) Channeling warmer days and my camp counselor days–I made hobos for supper!

(12) Mango Fruit bars

(13) Several compliments on my sermon (a very risky sermon) this morning! Thanks be to God for the Holy Spirits guidance and wisdom.

(14) So much fun with the adults at Family SS. Comfy chair cards and Bible Bingo!

(15) 3rd Grade Bible Blessing

(16) A comment from someone saying I looked at home today. I totally was!!!

(17)Watching the Olympics and remembering the Spirit of the games. Sad to see them come to a close!

(18) A fantastic Sabbath

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