Sunday Blessings 218 and 219 (LAR 2018 Edition)

(1) Baby holding with Baby A

(2) Chili lights parties

(3) Mini golfing with Tim and the boys

(4) LAR fun

(5) Hanging with N and N

(6) Lots of meals with AT and SR

(7) The Incredibles 2 movie

(8) Helping SB with his PPT presentation

(9) Yummy margaritas

(10) Learning lots

(11) LAR talent show.

(12) Trail Ridge Road with SR and AT

(13) Stopping to have lunch with KL on my way home.

(14) KD and R and Z picking me up at the car rental place and giving me a ride home.

(15) Fun mail..a new LLR Irma and my new Rachel Kurtz cd.

(16) ST telling me that my poetry keeps getting better and better.

(17) Annie F Downs That Sounds Fun podcast

(18) A beautiful much needed PLN

(19) Uploading all my LAR photos.

(20) Veggies

(21) Gods grace and friends/colleagues who extend that grace.

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