Sunday Blessings 212

(1) A fun package from LK

(2) Snapchatting with RRS

(3) A great youth gathering meeting

(4) Realizing I’ve come a long way this year.

(5) Texting with my faves

(6) A phone call from one of my faves

(7) Texting with my sis

(8) Dinner and a movie with a friend.

(9) The new Beauty and the Beast movie

(10) Time with my friend JL

(11) Patio sitting

(12) Lunch with CS

(13) Chatting with DC

(14) American Idol Disney songs

(15) Spring rain storm

(16) Over 100 May Day baskets delivered.

(17) Delivering with CS. Thank You!

(18) Ministry appreciation and coffee with NM.

(19) Supper and convo with RW and PW.

(20) Leftovers

(21) Planting potatoes with RG

(22) Being with my awesome mentor group.

(23) 80 degree weather.

(24) Awesome Confirmation Sunday

(25) A new LLR Amelia dress

(26) A fantastic PLN

(27) My Swirl yogurt

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