Sunday Blessings 210

(1) Awesome Confirmation night.

(2) A hug from one of my faves telling me how awesome I did at worship

(3) First Communion take two!

(4) Fun LLR mail

(5) Getting to see all my faves!!

(6) Youth for Christ banquet

(7) Driving to Minot with CG

(8) Finally giving KG her Christmas gift.

(9) Texting with my favorite

(10) A Vox from TM

(11) Technology so I can be a part of a friends book launch party at the Festival of Faith and Writers.

(12) Thin Mint brownies

(13) A gorgeous Spring day

(14) Annie F Down’s podcast with Tauren Wells.

(15) A great walk on a beautiful Spring day.

(16) Watching the ACM awards and getting to hear some classic songs from 25 years ago.

(17) A mini PLN

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