Sunday Blessings 21

(1) A fantastic Zumba workout. I haven’t done Zumba in so long. It felt really good!

(2) An extra Dr Pepper. I went through the drive through for a Taco Tuesday. They thought I said two Dr Peppers so I got an extra one.

(3) A blessed conversation with a colleague who wanted to pick my brain about home based ministry.

(4) A text from a dear colleague reminding me that I am missed.

(5) A great 3rd Grade Bible milestone class.

(6) Great conversation at Tavern Talk

(7) Road Trip and Great Conversation with some of the Lutheran Campus ministry crew.

(8) A Sweet text that reminded me how loved I truly am

(9) Valentines cards

(10) Finding some great deals—a nice long sleeve tshirt in my fave color on a clearance rack for $6 and a few other items.

(11) Going to Target the day after V Day and getting great deals on V day chocolate and candy.

(12) South Border Mustangs winning another dual title—a 3 peat!!

(13) Talking on the phone with my daddy about wrestling. He never got his boy so he taught my sister and I well. State Class B wrestling is so much fun!!

(14) TJ Oshie; MN boy and UND alum scoring the winning goal in the USA vs Russia hockey game at the Olympics.

(15) Sledding down a big hill. We brought kids to Camp Metigoshe for Snowfest and part of our evening activities were sledding! I can’t remember the last time I went sledding!

(16) Hearing “Can We Build A Snow Man” in the vehicle as we were driving to camp.

(17) Snowfest!!

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