Sunday Blessings 207 and 208

(1) So much love from friends and family.

(2) Free ice cream day at DQ

(3) Running into BP while at the ARC to vote.

(4) Words!!

(5) A parishioner bringing me a new nativity for my collection.

(6) Chatting with a youth as she waited to be picked up.

(7) A phone call from JL

(8) Succeeding at putting a smile on friends faces.

(9) A sweet note from a friend. Thanks CZ!

(10) A yummy yummy Blue Apron meal.

(11) A short lived snow storm

(12) Halo Top Black Cherry ice cream

(13) A great Palm Sunday

(14) A hug from Z

(15) The written word

(16) Finishing A Place to Land. So good KM!!

(17) Hanging with KD and her family

(18) A short PLN

(19) Texting with my faves!

(20) A nice visit with a parishioner

(21) Awesome Maundy Thursday worship.

(22) A little Easter treat left in my office

(23) A hs classmate driving to Williston to hear me preach. Thanks HB!

(24) Awesome youth fundraiser despite the crummy weather.

(25) Papa John’s pizza and pizza delivery workers who have to work on Easter.

(26) A beautiful PLN

(27) Carlos Creek peach wine

(28) Resurrection promises!!

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