Sunday Blessings 206

(1) Awesome host and hostesses. Thanks MK and AK.

(2) Seeing beloved friends!!

(3) Celebrating and remembering our friend Ben. Beer and Hymns for Ben!!

(4) KB picking me up at the train station.

(5) Visiting with another passenger on the train .

(6) MO coming to my rescue by bringing coffee while stranded in Minot for 4 hours.

(7) A nice card from a parishioner

(8) Texting with my faves

(9) A gorgeous Spring day

(10) MK drawing me a pretty picture which is now on my fridge.

(11) A great day off

(12) Solid sleep

(13) Popcorn.

(14) Seeing the movie I Can Only Imagine!!

(15) A little PLN!

(16) Halo Top Lemon Cake Ice Cream

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