Sunday Blessings 202

(1) Time with faith formation colleagues

(2) Cherry Mocha from Starbucks

(3) Leftover chicken tortilla soup

(4) Technology so I can watch a friend share her story.

(5) A great conference gathering and getting to see MO

(6) A V Day card from my sissy

(7) Learning how to burn the palms to make ashes for Ash Wednesday

(8) Chatting on the phone with JN for almost an hour.

(9) A sweet person sharing flowers with me

(10) Ash Wednesday worship

(11) Talking to my momma on the phone

(12) Shopping with my sissy

(13) Seeing the Greatest Showman AGAIN!!

(14) Salted Caramel Lipstick from LimeLight.

(15) Running into SP at Daily Addiction

(16) Knoephla Soup

(17) A PLN!!

(18) Watching the Olympics

(19) Praying through my FB friends list as my Lenten discipline

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