Sunday Blessings #20

(1) A nice much needed nap (after a busy fun weekend!)

(2) Getting a hug and catching up with a seminary classmate at a local gathering

(3) Meeting new friends and being invited to go with them to an event

(4) Totinos Supreme party pizza and pizza rolls as I settled in to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics

(5) One of my fave little people coming right into my arms, sitting in my lap and simply just wanting to hang out with me. She is def my little buddy!

(6) Having clementines sent home with me.

(7) Teaching my first 3rd Grade Bible milestone at FLC. Only one family but we had great conversation and enjoyed our time together.

(8) Having a member come up to me and tell me that they have only been back a month but in that month they have seen such wonderful changes; whether it be something to see or something to hear. So sweet of her to say.

(9) A great post-liturgical nap

(10) A Pinterest win; chocolate chip cookie in a mug. Totally hit the spot!

(11) Texting with a friend who is such an incredibly blessing in my life. Always nice to feel loved when friends touch base with me.

(12) The Olympics

(13) A warm house during this very cold winter

(14) Reading words from my colleague at my last call in their Feb newsletter article. Thanking me for my faithful service to them; ways in which I blessed and changed them. Something about those words that hits me right in the heart!

And in the midst of blessings, I saw sadness. On my way to Curves the other night, I saw a man get hit by a car. Glad that many people stopped. An image that I don’t think will leave my mind for awhile. So prayers for this man and the person who hit him.

So on a lighter note, I have to share my favorite picture from last week. An incredible photo of God’s amazing creation!!

View from our hotel room last Mon morning

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