Sunday Blessings 199

(1) Time with some of my church youth

(2) Writing a movie review for a friends blog site

(3) Listening to the Greatest Showman soundtrack

(4) Messaging with JN

(5) Bringing a book along to the eye dr

(6) New LLR goodies.

(7) Bible study with circle ladies this am

(8) Womens Book study

(9) #fmfparty and #SlateSpeak

(10) Fresh haircut and color

(11) A church lady telling me I write beautifully!

(12) 40 degree weather

(13) Project Life App and getting quite a few pages finished.

(14) Texting with my faves

(15) Peppermint scented candle

(16) Flying solo at church

(17) Catching up on Nashville

(18) New Year New You accountability group on FB

(19) Playing FriendO with friends

(20) A PLN!!

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