Sunday Blessings 192 and 193

(1) An interview with a seminary student. He was interviewing me for a class.

(2) Fun mail!

(3) Getting to see SH

(4) A parishioner buying me supper.

(5) Great fundraiser turnout

(6) Watching some of my youth dance in Alice in Wonderland.

(7) Decorating the church and having pizza with some of the decorators afterwards

(8) A surprise package in the mail

(9) Crockpot chicken noodle soup

(10) Being selected to have one of my blogposts posted over at the Mudroom blog

(11) The movie Elf

(12) Texting with my faves

(13) Snapchatting with HL and ST

(14) Supper with KD and her family

(15) Applebees leftovers for lunch

(16) A parishioner bringing me buns and bars leftover from a funeral.

(17) Caroling with church peeps

(18) Texting with my fave

(19) Seeing Miracle on 34th Street with awesome peeps.

(20) Bake sale goodness

(21) CH and CC sharing my Mudroom blogpost

(22) Guest posting on the Slate Projects blog

(23) Surprise packages left on my office door at church.

(24) A beautiful PLN

(25) Aspirin for those headachy days

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