Sunday Blessings 190

(1) A nice road trip to CCM

(2) Our awesome mentor group with PH

(3) The return of This Is Us

(4) Texting with my friend JK

(5) Great Confirmation class

(6) Flight booked for the E!!

(7) A great lunch with area youth workers.

(8) Texting with KL

(9) Raspberry lemonade taffy

(10) Yummy poppyseed dressing

(11) Texting with KG

(12)Yummy Blue Apron meals

(13) Texting with JH

(14) The return of Will and Grace

(15) A new cut and color

(16) Playing FriendO with AD

(17) Watching Pitch Perfect 2

(18) 70 degree days

(19) An awesome installation day

(20) A PLN

(21) Talking with Aunt P and Uncle T on the phone.

Since I’m participating in the Write 31 Days challenge, Sunday Blessings will go on hiatus until November 1st. I’ll keep a list on my phone and share then!

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