Sunday Blessings 189 (Over a Month’s Worth)

I got a little behind after completing the Write 31 Days challenge so this is my attempt at catching up.Unfortunately in the midst of October, I switched phones and didn’t think to save the Sunday Blessings already saved on my phone so I had to go through pictures etc to try and remember what October held. So this is my best attempt from then until now to share a month or more of Sunday Blessings. I will be back to a regular routine of posting these on Sundays this week.

(1) A fun weekend with my sissy

(2) Coffee with one of my Confirmation moms

(3) Rend Collective concert

(4) Community concert with a parishioner

(5) New LLR

(6) Texting with my faves

(7) Write 31 Days

(8) Time with CT and her girls

(9) WND LYO Gathering

(10) Going to church and getting at least 3 hugs from a little girl. So sweet!

(11) Momentos of a special day shared with me.

(12) A colleague telling me I do an awesome job with my children’s sermons.

(13) Turkey Bingo fun

(14) Texting with my faves

(15) Talking with JK on the phone. Love you friend!!

(16) A text from KG

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