Sunday Blessings 187 and 188

(1) A phone chat with DT

(2) Yummy BLTs

(3) More bday mail! Thanks for thinking of me dear friends!!

(4) A Vox from TM

(5) Voxes from KA and CC

(6) A birthday package

(7) Project Runway

(8) A new planner and lots of other fun stuff.

(9) A LLR styling session with NV. It was so much fun!!

(10) Mint Oreos

(11) Chatting with my dad

(12) Texting with my fave

(13) A fantastic first Rally Sunday at FLC–Williston. I nearly ran out of keychains for the Blessings of the backpack. Approximately 15 Bibles were handed out to the 3rd Graders. What an awesome day!!

(14) Catching up with colleagues and friends.

(15) Baby time with Mr. Peter

(16) A great 5K and coming in under my goal time.

(17) Dr. Pepper (I haven’t had one in so long and it tastes so good)

(18) IMing with my good friend SP

(19) Hiking with EG and other awesome colleagues.

(20) A surprise text from Pastor JB; one of my LAR colleagues.

(21) Visiting with CS

(22) A pit stop in Beach on our way to Medora. NM praying as we found my old apartment.

(23) A great first Confirmation class

(24) Fun New LLR in the mail

(25) A sweet message from NN

(26) Texting with my fave

(27) New UMM sweatshirts (Thanks NJ!)

(28) My new Write 31 Days mug

(29) Texts from LT

(30) Coffee and Bible study with DJ and other ladies.

(31) Texting with KL

(32) A surprise call from CN

(33) Papa Johns Pizza

(34) Caramel Apple Cider on a rainy September day

(35) The ability to put together a side table by myself.

(36) Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

(37) Checking out a neat local store and finding some cute towels and a yummy soy candle.

(38) A beautiful PLN (post-liturgical nap)

(39) A great 3rd Grade Bible class

(40) The Emmys

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