Sunday Blessings 186; Birthday Edition

(1) Texting with PD

(2) A visit from NM

(3) My neighbor asking how my first day of work went.

(4) Talking to Dad on the phone

(5) A Vox from KA

(6) Leaders breakfast

(7) A nice lunch with one of the youth’s moms about ELCA Youth Gathering. Thanks for lunch CS.

(8) Waiting on the sidewalk for the ok to cross the street and NM rolls down her window and asks if I need a ride!

(9) Texting with my fave

(10) Bday mail

(11) Fun mail from HL

(12) Staying at G farms and getting see my friend EG and her hubby GG

(13) Shopping with my sissy

(14) Making cupcakes for our birthdays (Mine–Sept 3 & My sisters–Aug 26)

(15) Watching a Hallmark movie

(16) Being sung to twice at church for my birthday.

(17) Lunch with my sissy, LG, EG and SP

(18) “Girls Trip” movie with my sissy

(19) Friends giving donations to NAMI for my birthday. Thank You so much!!

(20) Dinner at Applebee’s. Getting my free bday dessert and being sung to

(21) Tons of bday texts, FB posts, instant messages, tweets and so much more. You sure know how to make a girl feel incredibly loved!!

(22) Debuting in worship with a children’s sermon

(23) A fantastic PLN

(24) A fun package from EG. Love all my little treasures especially my new CCM picture!

(25) A bday call from Aunt N, Daddy, and Grandma and Grandpa.

(26) Aunt P and Uncle T finding me a bedroom set for my guest bedroom at an auction sale. Thanks guys!!

(27) Many people watching my prayer Facebook lives.

(28) YOU!!


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