Sunday Blessings 185

(1) A sweet house warming plant from the Johnsons

(2) Supper with KD and her family

(3) Thankful that the car accident wasn’t worse than it was.

(4) New LLR!!! Thanks Kim and Julia!! And Natalie!!

(5) A visit from LG and EG and homemade cookies

(6) Exploring my new city

(7) A new tea kettle and fun new tea

(8) Command Strips

(9) That my friends in Texas are staying safe.

(10) Texting with Aunt N and A

(11) Finally getting mail in my mailbox

(12) Neighbors who come over and help find the fuse box when you trip the breaker for the first time in your new house.

(13) Tackling Mt Laundry and breaking in my new washing machine.

(14) An invitation to the community meal; Banquet West

(15) Supper at Banquet West

In addition, we must continue to pray for Texas especially the Houston area. May calm hearts and minds prevail so all make wise decisions.

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