Sunday Blessings 184

(1) A new call! Thanks be to God!!

(2) A sweet FB post from my sissy

(3) Boxes from the food pantry. Thanks GR and LR!

(4) Celebration coffee with SH and KG

(5) Chatting with many of my faves to share my good news.

(6) Celebration coffee with MH

(7) Snapchatting with KL

(8) The fantastic people of FLC–Williston

(9) The hospitality of Upper Missouri Ministries.

(10) LCM board meeting and the excitement they all showed for me and this new call.

(11) A hug from JW

(12) Coffee with DJ and LZ

(13) Running into LH at Panera

(14) One last haircut from TS

(15) The Pinterest vinegar trick for cleaning out a microwave. It works every single time!!

(16) A great parking lot convo with JL

(17) A night out with KG, SH, CT and ST.

(18) A sweet new journal from SH

(19) Supper with KG and her kids

(20) A great chat with DF and JF and their boys while running into them at Target.

(21) A great lunch with D.C.

(22) Finishing packing!

(23) Joy and laughter!!!

(24) The return of Project Runway and The Great Food Truck Race.

(25) All of you!!!

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