Sunday Blessings 182 & 183

(1) My sissy finding me some boxes.

(2) A text from D.C.

(3) Tackling Mt Laundry

(4) A sweet much needed summer rain

(5) Running into JA

(6) Lunch with SH

(7) Moderating #slatespeak

(8) Selling some items and decluttering.

(9) Making some progress on packing.

(10) Soaking rain

(11) Texting with Aunt N

(12) Yummy peaches

(13) Texting with one of my faves; MW

(14) Vacation with my sister

(15) Meeting another online friend in the flesh. It was fantastic ST!

(16) Seeing a childhood friend and her family.

(17) Running into JL at Ground Round

(18) Lyft drivers who get you around safely.

(19) KG picking us up at the airport!

(20) Some awesome sunset pics and texting with one of my faves!

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