Sunday Blessings #18

(1) Talking to a dear friend on messenger from my previous congregation.

(2) That same friend telling me how hard it is to fill my shoes. (Made me feel good)

(3) A great dad who helped me out when I had to get my car fixed this week

(4) A great morning with the Family SS adults. I led the adult portion today.

(5) Getting a hug from one of my fave kiddos (Really they are all my faves!!)

(6) Being asked by a member of my new congregation to be a Mary Kay face model for her tomorrow night

(6) Texts from dear friends

(7) Having a warm home to come home too on this blizzardy day (Praying for those who have no place to go on a cold night like tonight)

(8) Being able to walk and not drive when weather is yucky!

(9) Leading worship–Preaching the Word

(10) Having a washer and dryer in my basement so I don’t have to scrounge for quarters when I want to do laundry

(11) Real mail (One had a note that said 2014 will be a blessing and great year for you! Believe it!!) I need to remember that and believe it!

(12) Cafe Caramel K Cups

(13) Saying hello to a neighbor for the first time

(14) A fixed car

(15) Looking forward to the week ahead

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