Sunday Blessings 177 & 178; Lutheran Academy of the Rockies Edition

(1) Safe travels to Estes Park

(2) Seeing LAR friends

(3) Supper with AT

(4) A new camera and SD card. Thanks to HW

(5) Toasting with random people at Eds

(6) Walking and taking in the beautiful Rocky Mountains while listening to my current fave cd; Ellie Holcomb-Red Sea Road

(7) Listening to bird song while chilling in our cabin.

(8) Hope

(9) A beautiful walk around Lilly Lake

(10) Coming around the corner to find ducks sunning themselves on the grass.

(11) Making it all the way to Ouzel Falls. So proud of myself and there is no way the rain can put a damper on this day!!

(12) A hot shower after our walk

(13) Awesome people who encourage you and stay with you when you are bringing up the rear.

(14) Hot tea

(15) Hanging out with SJ, TJ, AJ and AJ.

(16) A sweet text from KG

(17) Baby time with MH

(18) Chili lights parties

(19) A great supper with AT, LM, SB, KB and girls. Yummy veggie lasagna!!!

(20) Texting with my fave

(21) Voxing with VF

(22) A great day with JK and her girls. The Discovery Museum, playing and lots more. Even got to see CK for a little while too.

(23) Watching the new Beauty and the Beast

(24) Hugs and kisses from A and EM

(25) Hiking with KB, SB, and JS to Estes Cone.

(26) Almost getting to the top of Estes Cone.

(27) Watching Heaven is for Real

(28) Seeing a Bull Elk and Longhorn sheep

(29) Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher

(30) Supper with AT and HG

(31) An awesome Talent Show

(32) Watching clips from Son of Man during one of our morning sessions and now wanting to see all of it.

(33) Holy cleansing tears

(34) Supper with RW and HW

(35) Friends who are family

(36) Watching a new episode of Nashville

(37) Exploring around Belle Fourche, SD

(38) Pool and spa time

(39) Cherry Coke–I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed one of these.

(40) Safe travels home!

(41) Running into RT at Target

(42) A sweet text from DC

(43) Poetry

(44) Summer Sunday Worship at Camp of the Cross. Getting to see so many wonderful people!

(45) A Sunday afternoon nap

(46) Tackling Mt Laundry

(47) YOU!!!

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