Sunday Blessings 176

(1) Root Beer and Hymns with all my faves.

(2) Chatting with my dad on the phone

(3) Hanging out with CT and her girls.

(4) So many people checking in with me. I love you all!!!

(5) Coffee with MH (Squared) and JT

(6) Hanging out with my bestie JT

(7) Texting with JK

(8) Helping KG get ready for her Ordination.

(9) A great meeting with BMN today

(10) Hanging with awesome women

(11) Leading closing worship at the WND synod women’s event.

(12) KG’s Ordination Day!!!!

(13) Coming home to find a surprise package from my Aunt and Uncle. So fun!!

(14) Amazing colleagues and friends

(15) A great day for driving

(16) Fun texts this morning. Thanks SH and EG!

(17) A beautiful family traveling to the states from Australia. It was neat to watch the dad and his son hanging out together.

(18) Some relaxing time in the hot tub

(19) Fun traveling treats

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