Sunday Blessings 173

(1) YouthWorkers

(2) A sweet gift from GS and B

(3) A beautiful quilt from our FLC quilters.

(4) Dropping off NPs phone and getting to see and chat with KG.

(5) Breakfast and convo with JL this morning. Thanks friend!!

(6) Mentor Group with PH

(7) One of my church ladies calling because she has Avon boxes and she thought I might like them for packing. So sweet of her to think of me.

(8) Boxes

(9) Getting to see PKN for a brief little bit as he was quickly stopping by to pick up their boat.

(10) Supper with JL and RS. Thank You sweet ladies!

(11) A new nativity for my nativity collection

(12) Zumba!

(13) New cut and color

(14) Lots of texts and messages from friends scattered to and fro.

(15) KH and CH bringing me my forgotten IPhone charger and glasses. Thank You!!

(16) An hour phone conversation with JK

(17) A call from my sis

(18) DQ ice cream

(19) Texting with my fave!

(20) An hour on the phone with CT

(21) Several comments on how my last sermon was my best sermon EVER!!

(22) A beautiful last Sunday at FLC

(23) A surprise call from CN

(24) A call from JL

(25) Being tightly held in prayer by so many. You are all incredible blessings in my life!

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