Sunday Blessings #17

(1) Beautiful above zero days and melting snow

(2) Time with my momma and sis; playing Uno, eating out, visiting, etc

(3) A little one climbing on me during the children’s sermon

(4) Reading the Bible story to the
Family SS kiddos

(5) The ability to walk since my car has an owie (the owie is not a blessing but living close to church does put things into perspective)

(6) Awesome chicken and biscuits in the crockpot

(7) Getting my 2013 photo album in the mail

(8) Texts between good friends

(9) Checking in with a friend at the right time and place. Amazing how God knows these things before we do.

(10) Someone offering to pick me up at the airport in a few weeks when I get back from the E

(11) A fantastic conversation with a childhood friend last Sun night. We hadn’t talked in forever!

(12) Fun at a good movie. We saw Frozen. It was so good. I’m still singing some of the songs!

(13) Good conversation at Tavern Talk

(14) Laughter!!!

(15) My house

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