Sunday Blessings 168

(1) Easter Monday day off

(2) Winning a prize in one of the LLR groups Im a part of and picking out a new Irma!!

(3) A Vox from KA

(4) Time with Auntie P

(5) Starbucks Pink Drink

(6) Yummy Blue Apron meal

(7) Migrating my blog from blogger to a self-hosted site. Thanks to Dan at FistBump Media.

(8) Minot Story Hour

(9) A nice PLN

(10) Eleven years of being consecrated as a Diaconal minister in the ELCA

(11) Sunday hugs from some of my favs kiddos

(12) Driving to Garrison with KG and DL

(13) Awesome mole chili from Blue Apron

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